Travel tips from a baggage handler

In this excellent article from Cycling Tips they get advice from ‘Paul’, an airport baggage handler who also travels with his bike. If you are someone who ever considers putting your bike on a plane its a MUST read.


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Seen – Gliding Possum during Loftus night ride

Last night, while riding with the lights out at Loftus we saw an amazing critter glide like a mini wingsuited daredevil down out of one tree into the next then clamber around. It wasnt a bat, Natalie looked it up when we got home and turns out it was a Gliding Possum

There is information on the NSW Office of Enviroment & Heritage website detailing the 5 different varieties that live in NSW

Natalie describes seeing it:

Tonight on our night ride I saw this super cute little gliding possum, soaring through the air, landing in a tree and skuttling off!!………..Yeah it was amazing! Standing still, waiting for Ian faffing with his suspension tuning, gazing up into the trees and he flew into my headlamp beam and grabbed the tree! I thought it was a bat at first, but wrong shape…then saw him scuttling from branch to branch…so tiny and cute and magical!! Could not believe my eyes.

Yes, I was faffing with the ShockWiz I’ve been using to tune my suspension. Its really interesting, you can expect a lot more info on it moving forwards

Our Gear – OneUpComponents EDC Multitool system (steerer tube version)

So our new OneUpComponents EDC tool systems have arrived and I couldn’t wait, I went straight out to the garage to fit them.

To save you reading this long winded rambling post I’ll cut to the chase. Based on a weekend of riding I love them, they are fantastically innovative and work spectacularly well. I’d recommend one to any cyclist (mountain biker, roadie, bikepacker and/or commuter) with a tapered steerer.

There, done. But if you want to know why I like it you’ll have to read on.

seekerbikes instagram oneup edc installed
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OneUp EDC – now available

OneUp Component’s much anticipated EDC tool/storage system is now available to those who have registered interest. I have my order confirmed and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on mine.

This follows on from my research I covered in Ditching the mtb backpack – research notes

With the release has been a stack of information I haven’t previously seen including detailed fitting instructions, weights and dimensions etc etc.

In this post I’m going to look at the info and what it tells us

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Ditching the mtb backpack – research notes

Now lets be clear, I love how efficiently my hydration pack carries everything I need for a days riding. Up to 3 litres of water, clothing to deal with the days temperature fluctuations or precipitation and a selection of spares to allow me (and riding buddies) to finish rides despite unexpected mechanicals along with a first aid kit.


Riding ‘sans pack’ feels great, like going commando. Free-er, cooler, looser, lighter.


I HATE pushing a bike just because I haven’t got the stuff to mend a puncture trailside.

So I’ve been looking at different options for carrying what I need on the bike rather than on me. Just the very basic bits and bobs needed for riding 1 to 2 hour local rides or uplift days at Thredbo for example.

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Photo – Loftus, RNP, Sydney

After a ride from Loftus Oval over to Wonderland and back this morning Alex graciously put up with Ian’s “Just Once More” photography direction. The photo was taken at midday is glaring sunlight but uses off camera fill in flash to balnace things up nicely.


This is on the trail down to Temptation Creek from Loftus Oval, one of the NPWS sanctioned trails in the area. Its a fun fast flowy bit of track, we love it.

Apptastic – using Strava for #seekingnewtrails

strava_app_logo_squareStrava is probably the best known cycling app out there. Many will tell you “if its not on Strava it didnt happen”!

But there is another side to Strava that we find incredibly useful for #seekingnewtrails and planning rides. In this first post of our new Apptastic series looking at the software we use regularly I’ll explain how we use it.

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