Tyre Repair – Stitch it up

Out on a local trail at the weekend, while bouncing through a rock garden, something put a 5mm hole in the tyre, no way the sealant could cope with that so a tube was needed. Once back home 5 minutes, an upholstery needle and 1m of dental floss effected a repair good enough to allow the stans to work and the tyre to hold air again tubeless.


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Wheel Rebuild – 700c commuter wheels with SP Dynamo front wheel

Rear wheel rebuild of 700c commuter wheelset.

Robust wheelset for urban duties. The rebuild was to remove an Alfine 8 IGH hub, which felt heavy, vague and weak, to replace it with a Hope Pro2 and 10 speed cassette drive train for a lighter, more direct drive feel.

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Flying with CO2 canisters

Its often asked if CO2 canisters are allowed on planes and mostly a lot of conflicting information is given in the answers. I recently found the definitive answer so will share it here.

At the time of writing CO2 canisters (max 4 x 28g/50ml per person) are allowed on planes, both in cabin or hold baggage, but prior approval should be sought from the airline and they should be declared at check-in.

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Packing List – flying with bike

This our checklist we use when flying with a bike for a riding trip.

Some items can be shared by a group traveling together to save weight (e.g. you will only one 8mm allen key between you for pedals, not one each), others need to be bike specific.

This list is additional to the tools and kit we carry in a trail pack. If you are going to use your trail tools make sure they are up to the job for building your bike on arrival and repacking it to head back home.

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To Do List – Prepping and Packing a Bike to Fly

We’ve created this checklist to help us remember everything that needs to be sorted when flying with a bike to ride. Traveling with a bike is awesome but it can be a pain with out the right prep. Let us know any top tips or handy hints in the comments

6 weeks before trip

Make a start on a trip packing list.

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Travel tips from a baggage handler

In this excellent article from Cycling Tips they get advice from ‘Paul’, an airport baggage handler who also travels with his bike. If you are someone who ever considers putting your bike on a plane its a MUST read.


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Seen – Gliding Possum during Loftus night ride

Last night, while riding with the lights at Loftus we saw an amazing critter glide like a mini wingsuited daredevil down out of one tree into the next then clamber around. It wasnt a bat, Natalie looked it up when we got home and turns out it was a Gliding Possum

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