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At Seeker Bikes we are all about:

  • exploring new trails and searching out new places to ride
  • developing our technique, bikes and gear to enable us to find that all-important feeling of flow on the trails we love
  • travelling through wild, beautiful places and revelling in the adventure that lies there.



COVID-19 has had an impressive impact on every aspect of our daily lives. As a result, we are now based in Wattle Downs, Auckland, New Zealand (probably the best place in the world to be right now, at the time of writing this NZ has just had its second consecutive day with no new cases of the virus).

While we wait to see how the cards fall as New Zealand works its way down through the levels of lockdown we are turning our experience and spanner spinning skills to providing cost-effective, high-quality bike servicing and maintenance to the local community.

seeker bikes servicing

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