Welcome to our new site!

At Seeker Bikes we are all about:

  • searching out new places to ride and exploring new trails
  • developing our technique, bikes and gear to enable us to find that all important feeling of flow on the trails we love
  • travelling through wild, beautiful places and the reveling in the adventure that lies there.

Sharing experiences, stories and adventures plus tips and tricks is all part of the culture of the outdoors. Through this site we aim to share ours with you.

In the ‘Our Trails‘ pages you will find enough information on the places we ride to get you started straight away on the good stuff. Info will include where the trail head is, a difficulty grading and a suggested route to get you started. Where we can we will provide GPX files to download and video clips so you can get an idea of what to expect.

Check out the ‘Tips and Tricks‘ page for the info we wish we had had access to without having to learn the hardway.

On the ‘Our Gear‘ we will share with you what we have found to work and what we have found not to. We will also share those bits of outdoor gear we really love. It will be a very eclectic mix for sure.