Here in ‘Our Trails‘ section you will find the key information to help you find the same great places to ride your mountain bike we have. We are currently based in Sydney so a lot of the most up to date information will be orientated around here but we also get out and about quite a bit so we will also share our UK, UAE (Dubai) and New Zealand trail knowledge with maybe some other ‘exotic’ locations thrown in for good measure.

The aim here is to give those new to an area, or visiting, the info we wish we had found asap to get us out onto the good trails. Its not meant to be a complete list of available trails, more a good curration with just enough information to enable to get you out there straight away.

Please note inclusion here does not indicate a mountain bikers right to ride. Access can be a problem all over the world for a myriad of reasons.

As always anywhere in the world if you treat the land, the flora and fauna and the people as you would expect people to treat you and yours most problems become significantly reduced.

We will give a google maps link to a trail head, maybe with an indication of distance and direction from a key location (e.g. from the city centres in the cases of Sydney and Auckland). We will also give an indication of available trail length and difficulty for a venue with colour coding similar to skiing (GREEN for Easy, BLUE for Moderate, RED for Difficult, BLACK for Severe). Bear in mind that any grading is very general and subjective plus takes in not just individual technical difficulty but also overall difficulty including distance. We will also look to include trail head altitudes and maximum altitude reached on a trail to help give an indication of weather/temperature conditions to expect.

As well as a quick summary over time we will add mini guides for each trail area covered. These will include more detailed information, links to gpx files for recommended laps, maybe some POV video to show the type of riding/terrain and useful facilities like recommended cafes etc.

Where we have good information we will also include relevant social media options for contacting local mountain bikers.


We are currently based in Sydney and enjoying exploring Australias mountain bike trails. Obviously we started close to home but are gradually working our way further afield. We’ve found ourselves heading north for warmer trails during the winter and south for the higher altitude, cooler options during the summer.

New South Wales

  • Sydney
    This iconic city has some great biking all year round. Its likely to be the starting point for a lot of people either as residents or visitors. All the riding is close to sea level so be prepared for hot weather in the summer. CLICK HERE for the Sydney Trails page
  • Central Coast
    The area between North Sydney and Newcastle. Again mostly close to sea level so warm in the summer. Active local groups doing good work building trails in the woods along with some opportunities for epic bush bashing, fat bike exploring and gravel grinding.
  • Canberra
    The capital city, not actually technically in NSW but its own state (ACT) is surrounded by it so included here for geographical reasons. Town is at around 600m above sea level so the weather tends to be cooler and drier than Sydney. Several great riding options with Stromlo probably the best place to start.
  • Snowy Mountains
    In the ski fields of Thredbo the chair lift can take you up to nearly 2000m above sea level with wild trails descending all the way down to the village at 1300m. Great in the summer but expect chilly spring and autumn.

New Zealand

North Island

  • Auckland
    NZ’s capital has some great riding options pretty close including Woodhill, The Hunua Ranges and 440 MTB Parks uplift. Detailed info coming soon
  • Rotorua
    The Redwoods has become a world famous mountain bike destination over the past few years and justifiably so. We love its huge trail network and beautiful flowy trails and will add information very soon.

United Arab Emirates

  • Dubai
    Everyone seems surprised when we explain how much we enjoy Dubai’s mountain biking. Information on the Showka and Hatta trail areas will be included shortly and we will also include some information on exploring the sand dunes by fat bike too.