The Central Coast is the area between Sydney and Newcastle and has lots of great riding options. Clubs have been developing trails in the woods here for decades now and lots of events are held in the area.

Its easily close enough to Sydney for a day trip but also worth a weekend mini break or 2.

our trails central coast
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Trail Head. 9km XC Track + DH race track with uplift option
ourimbah xc-full

The trail network in Ourimbah State Forest are some of the oldest mountain bike specific trails in New South Wales. Its looked after by the Central Coast MTB Club and has some great, natural feeling, flowy single track, plenty of technical features and descents.
The XC trail is well signposted and easy to find from the trailhead. All the info you need including trail maps, event info and build days are available on the club website at


Trail Head. 12km XC Loop
awaba xc

Relatively smooth circuit that is pretty easy for the RED grade making it a good option for riders ‘leveling up’ from BLUE. The XC loop twists and turns through beautiful thick leaved forest and its well signposted from the carpark.
Lots of info can be found on the Hunter Mountain Bike Association website
Strava Segments – Awaba Red Loop.


Trail Head. 20km of XC Trail

Glenrock trails are looked after by the Glenrock Trail Alliance, a partnership of NPWS & local volunteer riders. Lots of info can be found on their website at
The area has a very mixed feel on the trails with some feeling very ‘built’ and others very natural. Being on the coast in a conservation area there are a number of times you can find yourself in truley spectacular scenery.

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The GTA say:

We feel the loop is best ridden in a clockwise direction and the following trails, due to trail design and construction, are best ridden in the nominated direction. Please respect these directional tips as it will help the trail conditions in the long term.

Up-Hill or Climbing Trail
– Snakes and Ladders
– Shit Happens

Descending Trail
– BJ’s

Β Killingworth

Trail head.

So far we’ve only raced a round in the Rocky Trail Superflow Rollercoaster Enduro series at Killingworth so have limited information to share at the moment. That said we enjoyed the riding there a lot despite the fact the trails had a lot of rain in the week running up to the event. Its worth exploring. So you’ve got a google maps link and here is the race report (Respect Your Youngers by Jason Lorch on LittleRiderLane) with some pictures to wet your appetite, go have and explore.

Epic Options

While built trails are great, they typically have lots of flow, very few nasty surprises, you kinda know the ridability of the trail before hand etc etc, there needs to be times where thats not the case. Old skool natural trails, long days in the saddle, maybe some hike-a-bike. Well if so these 2 facebook groups are for you.

Hunter Race Trail
Set up by Brad Merten’s, in this group you will find plenty of gpx files and information to get yourself into epic trouble! 100’s and 100’s of kilometres of it, not all of it rideable, some of it for fat bikes. Definitely worth a look for the more adventurous.

Another of Brads projects with loads of information to set you up for long days out gravel grinding. You are less likely to find your bike on your shoulder in impossible riding ground but you are likely to be saddle sore after one of these.