DIY – EDC Tubeless Repair Insert Tool

On various MTB forums what to put in the base of the OneUp EDC system has been discussed plenty. The best idea we’ve seen was a tubeless repair insert tool, so we made one.

EDC tubeless repair insert tool

It was a super easy upgrade. Using a dremel we cut the threaded section of a used CO2 cartridge and butchered a cheap weldtite tool to expose the metal shaft then epoxied them together…….DONE

Cost – just the cost of a cheap Tubeless Insert Repair Kit which is under $10

The great thing about this is how well it fits with everything the EDC tool system it about. Its so quick to access it will take moments to have the tool in hand and the insert plugging the hole in the tyre.

Up till now we have been using the EDC’s base canister for beer/coffee money. Again its been a spectacularly useful place to stash some cash. Nothing better that being able to make the most of that cafe/pub at the end of an epic ride.

The tubeless repair inserts are a bit gunky so knocked up a cover out of some toothpaste tube and electrical tape



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