Flying with CO2 canisters

Its often asked if CO2 canisters are allowed on planes and mostly a lot of conflicting information is given in the answers. I recently found the definitive answer so will share it here.

At the time of writing CO2 canisters (max 4 x 28g/50ml per person) are allowed on planes, both in cabin or hold baggage, but prior approval should be sought from the airline and they should be declared at check-in.

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Sydney Magpie Season

Its spring in Sydney and that means its time for cyclists to beware, the magpies are out to get you


For all those in an area that is affected a fantastic social website provides upto date warnings on locations affected

They have also being collating some really interesting statisitcs which have been reported in todays Sydney Morning Herald. Check out the article, (CLICK HERE) its worth a read.

Baby steps – just 4 days and over 100 views in a day

There is no big goal being chased here but its nice to be able to recognise small landmarks as they happen. This site has been live for just a 4 days and today at 1543hrs we crossed the 100 views in a day line. Nice to see folks out there in the interworld are finding and reading our posts.

In the past 4 days the project has gone from nothing on a rainy day to a branded website with 3 pages of mountain bike trail information covering 2 distinct geographical areas and 12 different trail networks we have ridden recently. Plus in 7 seperate blog posts we have looked at snake bite first aid, trail grading, breaking news of trail closures due to potential asbestos contamination, a friends new blog, race reports and POV video of some trails. There is a developing map showing trail heads and routes, a youtube channel, a pinterest board and a facebook page starting to load up with content.

Stay tuned, we have lots more coming.

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Oaks Trail singletrack closed due to asbestos fears

The Glenbrook singletrack (normally ridden as the last part of the Oaks Trail), in Sydney’s Blue Mountains, has been closed due to asbestos fears following evidence Sydney based excavation company Moits has been supplying contaminated material.

Glenbook Singletrack Strava Segment
click image here for strava segment info
Note: it’s only the single track that’s closed, riders can continue down the Oaks fire trail to exit via Glenbrook

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