Travel tips from a baggage handler

In this excellent article from Cycling Tips they get advice from ‘Paul’, an airport baggage handler who also travels with his bike. If you are someone who ever considers putting your bike on a plane its a MUST read.


Key points we take from this are:

  • Making life easier for the baggage handlers is key to them being nice to your bike
  • Padded bags like our EVOC bags are a good option, particularly because they don’t slip on airport luggage conveyor systems
  • Keep you bike bag as light as possible, don’t pack it to the max. Light bags are much easier to move where heavy bags need lugging up onto belts etc.
  • Remove pedals, brake discs, derailleurs (& chain) and pack them in the bag. Secure & pad bars properly.

While putting your bike in a bag can be a faff we always love the experience. Bikes are an awesome way to experience cool parts of the world.

Have bikes, will travel #seekingflow #seekingnewtrails #seekingadventure


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