Rotorua – MTB Route Designer

For anyone planning a visit to the Redwoods this is probably the best tip I could give you as I’ve found this pdf to be incredibly useful for planning trail combinations at Rotorua. Download it and print off a couple of copies before you go.

Pick your start point, level, time frame and shuttle option then use the code to get a route recommendation. Its so simple and so awesome!!

Click on image to access pdf

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Rotorua – Weather Forecast & Historical Averages

For the current weather forecast and recent past weather go to

To help with planning a trip to the Redwoods here is an image (taken from the above link) showing the historical averages for temperature and rainfall.

Click on the image to enlarge

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Trail Grades

On this website we have decided to use a similar grading system to that used in the UK by Forest Enterprise. Its slightly different to the IMBA grades used in Australia where they have only one grade (Blue) covering both the moderate (Blue) and difficult (Red) that we prefer. We feel it gives a better indication for people relatively new to the sport.

As with all grading systems its VERY subjective and is only an indication. Ride within your limits and ride what you can see. (This is good advice but we would be lying if we said we always follow it!!)


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