Rotorua – MTB Route Designer

For anyone planning a visit to the Redwoods this is probably the best tip I could give you as I’ve found this pdf to be incredibly useful for planning trail combinations at Rotorua. Download it and print off a couple of copies before you go.

Pick your start point, level, time frame and shuttle option then use the code to get a route recommendation. Its so simple and so awesome!!

Click on image to access pdf

The key advantage of using this tool is it gives you the local riders recommendations for trail combinations right of the bat but it is important to note that forestry operations will always be causing the Whakarewarewa Forest’s trails to constantly evolve. Felling destroys some trails and new ones are constantly being created. Make sure you have an up to date copy of the trail map (information available here), check trail heads for any current trail closure information and adapt any plans accordingly.

Jonathon (route designer creator) says about trails built since he developed the route designer:

…..newish must-dos are Eagle Vs Shark, Kung Fu Walrus, Taura and Riff Raff. None of these are on the map and if somebody followed that map for a whole trip and missed the ones cited above they’d be mightly p’d off!

So my recommedation is to use the route designer as a starting point but make sure you check for updated information and do lots of exploring too.

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