Video – Path Finder

This film was recommended by the guys over at Tyres and Soles and we love it. Its tells a story of almost everything we love. Road tripping to explore new trails in wild places seeking adventure and flow.

“Path Finder” [FULL MTB MOVIE] from ASF Studio on Vimeo.

Be careful, watching it will make you want to look for lines on maps before throwing the bike and a tent in the back of the car.

Destinations riden include Poland, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. Its beautifully shot too. We wanna gooooo………

Baby steps – just 4 days and over 100 views in a day

There is no big goal being chased here but its nice to be able to recognise small landmarks as they happen. This site has been live for just a 4 days and today at 1543hrs we crossed the 100 views in a day line. Nice to see folks out there in the interworld are finding and reading our posts.

In the past 4 days the project has gone from nothing on a rainy day to a branded website with 3 pages of mountain bike trail information covering 2 distinct geographical areas and 12 different trail networks we have ridden recently. Plus in 7 seperate blog posts we have looked at snake bite first aid, trail grading, breaking news of trail closures due to potential asbestos contamination, a friends new blog, race reports and POV video of some trails. There is a developing map showing trail heads and routes, a youtube channel, a pinterest board and a facebook page starting to load up with content.

Stay tuned, we have lots more coming.

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Trail Grades

On this website we have decided to use a similar grading system to that used in the UK by Forest Enterprise. Its slightly different to the IMBA grades used in Australia where they have only one grade (Blue) covering both the moderate (Blue) and difficult (Red) that we prefer. We feel it gives a better indication for people relatively new to the sport.

As with all grading systems its VERY subjective and is only an indication. Ride within your limits and ride what you can see. (This is good advice but we would be lying if we said we always follow it!!)


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Tips and Tricks – Snakebite first aid on the trail for mountain bikers in Australia

While very very rare snakebite is a real possibility out on Australia’s trails whether on bike or on foot. The continents venomous snakes are internationally renowed and as a potentially very serious injury its worth knowing both how to prevent and how to deal with a bite.

Compression bandaging to treat snake bite
Compression bandaging to treat snake bite

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Oaks Trail singletrack closed due to asbestos fears

The Glenbrook singletrack (normally ridden as the last part of the Oaks Trail), in Sydney’s Blue Mountains, has been closed due to asbestos fears following evidence Sydney based excavation company Moits has been supplying contaminated material.

Glenbook Singletrack Strava Segment
click image here for strava segment info
Note: it’s only the single track that’s closed, riders can continue down the Oaks fire trail to exit via Glenbrook

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Race Report: Rocky Trail Superflow Rollercoaster Round 5, Kempsey 6 & 7th August 2016

Ian was asked by to write up race report for the final round of the Rocky Trail Superflow Rollercoaster series



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POV Video – Loftus Singletrail

The NPWS singletrack at Loftus offers some fun riding. Here is a bit of video showing the highlights

The rider in front is Jason Lorch (

Been having lots of fun digging out music for recent POV videos. This track is Fire Works and Beer (LIVE) by the Bloody Muffs

POV Video – Kentlyns Magic Carpet DH

I’ve made the effort to start vlogging some trails with the gopro. Here is some footage of us having fun on Kentlyn’s Magic Carpet Trail.

The riders in front are Jason Lorch ( and Big Jason McCready.

Magic Carpet starts of with some fun floaty gap jumps before a couple of berms lead into a rock drop off followed by a fun step up onto a big boulder. Down from there gets loose and rough. Loads of fun